• Aidah Abd Rahman

Burger Bakar Anyone?

I'm a big fan of burgers - they're super easy to find, and most of the time, they're highly affordable. They're the perfect comfort food for me.

When there's a need to taste smoky grilled home-made burger pate, I head to Burger Bakar Abang Burn at B-Point for their grilled burger, or locally known as Burger Bakar!

Beef and chicken burgers are the most popular, but they also serve other equally delicious grills such as meatballs and sausages. Kids will go gaga just looking at the menu that's full of colourful photographs of double and triple decker burgers.... (not to mention the smell of BBQ so thick in the air!)

If you're into cheese and stacking your meat pate sky high, welcome to heaven! Do they have any toppings? Of course! Your choice of add-on - Aligot cheese, American Cheddar cheese, beef strip, turkey slice, mushroom etc.

So the next time you pass Malaysia checkpoint (in Johor Bahru) and can spot a Shell petrol station on your left, slow down and make a left turn to B-Point. Have fun enjoying a Burger Bakar (or two!).

You can find them here :

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