• Aidah Abd Rahman

One Hundred SSI JB Alumni Celebrates Golden Moments

One hundred alumni from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Ismail (SSI) Johor Bahru gathered at a reunion dinner on 28 April 2018 at the Mutiara Johor Bahru Hotel. Organised by the committee members of SSI Alumni (session 2018-2019), the long-awaited event saw many long-lost friends reunited for the first time. Strangers no more, alumni from several years mingled with their fellow teenage friends and started new friendships. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]“The main objective of the movement is to gather as many alumni as possible under one association. This union will make us a strong association, having various skills, expertise and knowledge assembled as one group to benefit the current SSI students and other alumni at large. Indirectly, it will also quicken our response to pledges from the school and surrounding communities,” said the newly-elected Chairman of the SSI Alumni, Hj Yazid Mohamed.

Further, he added “One of our much-celebrated alumni, Professor Datuk Dr Awang Sarian could not be with us tonight, but we will be reading some poems that he wrote. Even amongst his busy schedule and achievements, he still holds SSI very dear to his heart.”

The alumni committee team members have also embarked on documenting and preserving activities online. Hence, the official social media sites for the association were unveiled at the dinner; its Facebook (Alumni SSI Johor Bahru) and Instagram (alumnissijb) accounts were presented for the very first time.

Some of SSI alumni seen at the event were Dato’ Abd Latiff Yusof, who has been the Mayor of Johor Bahru and the Johor State Secretary; DJ Dave Madhavan from JOHORfm; Chef Karim from hotel Grand Bluewave Johor Bahru; and Daeng Ahmad Salim Bachok, who recently retired from helming the editorial team at Harian Metro.

One of SSI’s long list of national entertainers, Hj Salleh Sadijo known by his stage name SADJ, also made an appearance and entertained guests with hits from his album. Salleh is the head of Johor's famous production house, Jojos Production that nurtured EXIST and shot the Johor-born group to stardom.

SSI’s headmaster, Hj Abdul Halil Abu Bakar, was also present at the event, citing the SSI Alumni association as the school’s ‘right wing’ (and the PTA as its 'left wing'), and hoped for more alumni to join the association.

The SSI Alumni committee members are made up of 19 prominent volunteers who are keen to gather alumni from all walks of life. Six autonomous bureaus were formed to run the association smoothly: IT and Multimedia; PR; Economics; Religious and Charity Services; Youth, Sports and Recreation; and Education, Motivation and Counselling.

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