• Aidah Abd Rahman

Garden to Table Concept @ Medini Edible Park

Like most people, I run to the park when I need a breather, but this park is super unique because it's Medini Edible Park. I am blessed because instead of just reading about edible gardens in journals, I get to visit one, and sometimes taste some harvests, too!

You can take a drive to the Edible Park if you're familiar with Medini's vast landscape but if you're not, just type 'Medini Green Parks' on Waze or Google Maps, and you'll be directed to this beautiful garden.

Catch their Green U Market happening on the first Saturday of every month and be amazed at the range of products on sale (from like-minded people who want sustainable organic produce in their lives).

From soap to face creams, ice-cold teas to freshly-plucked Roselle, have fun shopping but don’t forget to take a walk in the park, too!

The F&B offered during the monthly fest is super tasty and fresh. You must try gluten-free baked goods, home-made pasta, organic salads, and home-brewed beverages. Also, you'd want to quench your thirst with ice-cold teas (choose your favourites!) as they're responsibly served in glass bottles. Why? Because we all need a break from paper cups and plastic bottles :)

Kudos to the tree whisperers at the park, Chris Parry and Akata Yang, for they have done an excellent job in bringing this concept to us. The general workers you see around the park are all gentle souls who appreciate nature and love what they do every day!

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