• Aidah Abd Rahman

Tropique, Here we Come..

Here's guiding you to find more great food in JB - at Tropique! Take a trip to the new F&B outlet this weekend and try their food and refreshing drinks. Their menu has a fine balance between hip and fine dining, fusion and traditional; all lovingly prepared and plated for your eyes (and stomach).

Madam Lim’s Brownie is just one of the many dishes I could vouch for when you dine at the Tropique.

Others include Miso Salmon, The Poke, Shepherd’s Pie deconstructed, Chicken Wings Penang Style, and they even have Caramalised Egg! No prize for guessing that I've fallen deep for these simple yet delicious treats.

Its ground floor is one hip cafe serving beautifully-mixed drinks and the upper floor hosts rows of perfectly lined dining tables. It's a selfie heaven for selfie queens as there are multiple corners with plush sofas and good lighting areas that work wonders for your backdrop!

You can definitely find good ambiance and service here 💋and yes, the music that's playing while your dining is simply awesome!

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