• Aidah Abd Rahman

Food Galore at Ramadan Bazaar

Each Ramadan, thousands will flock to the many food bazaars that suddenly mushroomed all around town. The area will be buzzing with activities from as early as 3.30 pm, and its lifespan will end up abruptly about 7 pm when people will be seated around their dining table at home, waiting for the clock to hit the break fast time. If you happen to be outdoor or live near a mosque, the calling of the Maghrib prayer or 'Azan' signifies the end of fasting.

I am deeply blessed because my home is just minutes away from three big Ramadan bazaars. The only thing that I have to brave through is the heavy traffic surrounding the areas. But don't let similar challenge stop you from visiting a nearby Ramadan Bazaar, it's the perfect place to treat the belly and the eye! If you crave for something and can't find it, chances are it's going to be there.

This article features the food that you can find at Bazaar Ramadan Taman Perling. It is located at the car park area of Perling Mall. If you're not familiar with the location, just Waze your way there by typing 'Perling Mall'.

Sup Tulang Merah Singapore, Nasi Ayam Panggang, Ayam Percik, Lemang & Rendang, Roti Jala, Rojak Asma, Apam Balik, Putu Bambu, Sate, Pizza, Ikan Bakar, Sup Gear Box, Nasi Ayam Penyet, (pretty) Pau, Kueh Deram are just some of the mouthwatering dishes you can find at the bazaar. Choice of refreshing beverages are endless too - there’s Air Khatira, Cincau, freshly blended Avocado, Mango, Jagung, Milo, Iced Chai, Sea Coconut, Cendol, and the list goes on.

Dismissing claims that food sold at the bazaar are not fresh, many traders are now increasingly doing finishing touches or light cooking on the spot to guarantee the freshness of items sold. So, yes it can be hot and smelly, but I promise, you will love every minute of this adventure.

Caution: after a full day of fasting, you will undoubtedly be tempted to buy every single item you see, so be wise when you visit any Bazaar Ramadan. A good way of controlling your spending urge is to set a specific budget.

Did it work for me? Absolutely not.

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