• Aidah Abd Rahman

She Bakes Bread Too!

Since an earlier post about my favourite baker with her pretty cakes, I've learnt that she's been venturing into making bread. This is perhaps what 'continuous improvement' looks like!

Okay, just look at her range of breads - they all look just absolutely divine.

Chicken Slice Bread

Tuna & Red Bean Bread

Chicken Floss Bread

Apple Cinnamon Bread

Specially-packed bread for parties and meetings can be arranged!

Since my current life-theme is 'Black is Beautiful', you can guess my favourite kind of loaf. :) I read a few articles that mentioned active Charcoal as an enabler for detoxification, so you might want to try them on a regular basis. I, however, enjoy them because they look so different and have a nice texture but, I too, welcome the slow, detoxifying goodness from this fine, dark bread.

Charcoal Bread

However, if you're more inclined to the norm or can't imagine digesting the dark-coloured Charcoal bread, here's what you could order and enjoy in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Sandwich Loaf

Sugar Buns

The baker works from home so she's quite flexible with orders and deliveries; you can whatsapp her directly at 013-7770050 (Ann). For restaurant and canteen operators, you're welcome to get your regular supplies from her too.

Yes, they are all Halal and she can almost certainly bake all sort of cakes (and some sort of bread) right now.

Soon, I suspect the list will grow and it'll be interesting to watch just how far this tenacious lady can go.

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