• Aidah Abd Rahman

IIB Clears Pemanggil Island, Mersing

Mersing’s tropical paradise in Johor receives a cleaning boost from 55 volunteers in ‘Saving Paradise’ Programme on 4 to 6 October 2019.

Fifty-five volunteers from Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB), Cawangan Taman Laut Mersing and ICycle came together today to clean beaches and waters around Pemanggil Island in Mersing, Johor. The team, with the support of villagers on the islands, gathered 573 kilograms of waste from Kampung Buau and Kampung Sulit coastlines and cleared many ghost nets and debris found around the island’s pristine waters.

“One of IIB’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillars is Environment, and we are happy to extend our assistance and contribute towards preserving Mersing’s beautiful islands. Consistent with our agenda as catalyst of change, IIB remains committed in preserving a sustainable and well-balance eco-system. For generations, islanders here have been earning their income from fisheries and tourism activities, and the intoxicating sights of many of these tropical islands have provided holiday goers a peek into a rich biodiversity world that has been the result of a natural, untouched ecosystem that has thrived for thousands of years. Therefore, it is a great responsibility for all of us to continue protecting this paradise from waste, pollution, over-development, and unscrupulous fishing, so that its fragile marine life, colourful corals, flora, fauna, and vegetation, stay preserved. Maintaining healthy coral reefs, vibrant underwater caves and meadows of sea grass in emerald green waters will be the best magnets to keep coral fish, turtles, reef shark, Dugong, and even birds, happy,” said Datuk Akmal Ahmad, Chief Operating of IIB, who also is an avid scuba diver.

He further added that in addition to Environment, the company’s CSR pillars are Education, Community and Stakeholder.

The ‘Saving Paradise’ programme also included several interactive sessions with the villagers through tele-match, beach cleaning and knowledge-sharing presentations.

Further, 12 deserving families from the ‘eKasih’ database received monetary assistance and goodies bags, courtesy of IIB.

The annual beach and underwater cleanup exercise has entered its third year, starting with Pulau Tengah, Pulau Aur and recently, Pulau Pemanggil in Mersing.

The quaint little town is popular for its many beautiful islands, sandy long beaches and fresh seafood. Its massive marine park needs continuous conservation and rehabilitation exercises to keep its water pristine and wilderness protected.

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