• Aidah Abd Rahman

Grocery Shopping at The Pasar, Puteri Cove

One of my immediate 'pick-me-ups' is grocery shopping. As soon as I walk in a store filled with rack after rack of beautiful fruits, fresh vegetables, neatly cut meats, and fishes that look as though they have just jumped out of the water, my heart will fill with joy! Whatever worries I had when I first walked in would dissipate or be locked up somewhere.

One of my favourite outlets, The Pasar at Puteri Cove, Iskandar Puteri, is big enough to let me have various choices and comparisons. Yet it is intimate enough for me to comb through the beautifully decorated store in less than thirty minutes.

As soon as you enter the shop, you will be welcomed by the smell of freshly brewed coffee. There's an outlet for coffee and a mini bakery to the left, and here is where you can grab a fresh cup of coffee or a bottle of freshly squeezed fruit juice, among others.

I have not tried having my coffee to-go as I shop, so I gotta check out that option the next time I visit the Pasar. This outlet also sells tasty artisan bread and beautiful patisseries.

As you enter, you'll be sure to marvel at these super finds!

Lately, more premium supermarkets have started their operations in the area, and they often run promotions and value-buys, especially over the weekends. You can find Jaya Grocer @ Citrine Sunway Iskandar, Big Ben Independent Grocer at the Mall of Medini, NSK at Sunway BigBox and Mydin Hypermarket at Anjung Nusajaya, which carries extensive inventories as compared to other Mydins.

For a quick 'in-and-out' kind of shopping, the Pasar is perfect. Parking at the supermarket basement is free, and you can even enjoy the beautiful scenery at the nearby harbour with a steaming hot coffee in hand!

You can like their FB page 'thePasarOfficial' for updated info and promotions.

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