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An Act of Kindness

May 15, 2018


Each day, I try to do something nice for others. It's easy - hold the lift, open the door, pay compliments, say 'thank you', feed a stray cat or tip good service people. However, my favourite act is paying for meals and Teh Tarik sessions. 



I've also given free rides to many Pakcik, Makcik, teenagers and mothers with kids in tow. At times, I prayed that my good intention won't get me into trouble especially when I offered rides to complete strangers in late evenings or on secluded routes. Apart from the obvious reason of not owning a car, some of my 'passengers' were just too old to drive. One Pakcik I 'interviewed' told me that he walks to work on most days. When I estimated the distance between his home and the location of his work place, it pains me to think just how hard he pushed that fragile body of his to walk that far.  



Anyway, last night I paid for groceries for an elderly who queued behind me. As usual, I did my thing and dashed out in a hurry. I don't want to be thanked. After I left the store, I went to a nearby food court, and not long after that, I saw him there. 


About 10 minutes later, he miraculously sprang up beside me and asked (1) whether I was the one who paid for his groceries, (2) whether we know each other, and (3) why on earth did I pay for his groceries??

I told him that I did that just because I can, and I don't need to know him to do it. 


Puzzled, he said that he had been combing the area to find me to say his thanks and I immediately felt guilty. *Mental note: ' fleeing the crime scene' may be a bad idea after all.


We ended up talking for a while and I received several more thanks, but before he left, he gave me a big, beautiful smile - the best and the most genuine I've seen this whole week. 



Farewell Pakcik, may you be blessed with good health and next time, I hope you won't try so hard to look for people who don't want to be found.  


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